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UPGRADE-NOTES-1.6-to-1.10 3.3KB

  1. #############
  2. Upgrade notes
  3. #############
  4. To resolve numerous security flaws, the nginx package was updated to 1.10.x.
  5. You should review your configuration files in /etc/nginx to determine if there
  6. are any incompatibilities. Below is a summary of the main incompatible changes.
  7. Some nginx directives have been changed or removed, so you may need to modify
  8. your configuration.
  9. Please see upstream release notes for a complete list of new features,
  10. bug fixes, and changes:
  11. One notable feature is support for HTTP/2.
  12. Nginx gained support for dynamic modules. As part of this update, dynamic
  13. modules have been split into subpackages. For the time being these are hard
  14. dependencies to aid the upgrade path. When you install nginx, all of these
  15. modules are installed and enabled by default:
  16. - nginx-mod-http-geoip
  17. - nginx-mod-http-image-filter
  18. - nginx-mod-http-perl
  19. - nginx-mod-http-xslt-filter
  20. - nginx-mod-mail
  21. - nginx-mod-stream
  22. Changes with nginx 1.10.x
  23. *) Change: non-idempotent requests (POST, LOCK, PATCH) are no longer
  24. passed to the next server by default if a request has been sent to a
  25. backend; the "non_idempotent" parameter of the "proxy_next_upstream"
  26. directive explicitly allows retrying such requests.
  27. *) Change: now the "output_buffers" directive uses two buffers by
  28. default.
  29. *) Change: now nginx limits subrequests recursion, not simultaneous
  30. subrequests.
  31. *) Change: now nginx checks the whole cache key when returning a
  32. response from cache.
  33. Thanks to Gena Makhomed and Sergey Brester.
  34. *) Change: the "proxy_downstream_buffer" and "proxy_upstream_buffer"
  35. directives of the stream module are replaced with the
  36. "proxy_buffer_size" directive.
  37. *) Change: duplicate "http", "mail", and "stream" blocks are now
  38. disallowed.
  39. *) Change: now SSLv3 protocol is disabled by default.
  40. *) Change: some long deprecated directives are not supported anymore.
  41. *) Change: obsolete aio and rtsig event methods have been removed.
  42. Changes with nginx 1.8.x
  43. *) Change: the "sendfile" parameter of the "aio" directive is
  44. deprecated; now nginx automatically uses AIO to pre-load data for
  45. sendfile if both "aio" and "sendfile" directives are used.
  46. *) Change: now the "If-Modified-Since", "If-Range", etc. client request
  47. header lines are passed to a backend while caching if nginx knows in
  48. advance that the response will not be cached (e.g., when using
  49. proxy_cache_min_uses).
  50. *) Change: now after proxy_cache_lock_timeout nginx sends a request to a
  51. backend with caching disabled; the new directives
  52. "proxy_cache_lock_age", "fastcgi_cache_lock_age",
  53. "scgi_cache_lock_age", and "uwsgi_cache_lock_age" specify a time
  54. after which the lock will be released and another attempt to cache a
  55. response will be made.
  56. *) Change: the "log_format" directive can now be used only at http
  57. level.
  58. *) Change: now nginx takes into account the "Vary" header line in a
  59. backend response while caching.
  60. *) Change: the deprecated "limit_zone" directive is not supported
  61. anymore.
  62. *) Change: now the "stub_status" directive does not require a parameter.
  63. *) Change: URI escaping now uses uppercase hexadecimal digits.
  64. Thanks to Piotr Sikora.