Samba RPM rebuilt on el7 with DC support
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MIT Kerberos 5 Support

Fedora is using MIT Kerberos implementation as its Kerberos infrastructure of
choice. The Samba build in Fedora is using MIT Kerberos implementation in order
to allow system-wide interoperability between both desktop and server
applications running on the same machine.

At the moment the Samba Active Directory Domain Controller implementation is
not available with MIT Kereberos. FreeIPA and Samba Team members are currently
working on Samba MIT Kerberos support as this is a requirement for a GNU/Linux
distribution integration of Samba AD DC features.

We have just finished migrating the file server and all client utilities to MIT
Kerberos. The result of this work is available in samba-* packages in Fedora.
We'll provide Samba AD DC functionality as soon as its support of MIT Kerberos
KDC will be ready.

In case of further questions do not hesitate to send your inquiries to