WAPT package for Google Chrome, forked from TIS repo
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"homepage": "{{ web_home_page }}",
"homepage_is_newtabpage": false,
"browser": {
"show_home_button": true
"bookmark_bar": {
"show_on_all_tabs": true
"sync_promo": {
"show_on_first_run_allowed": false
"distribution": {
"skip_first_run_ui" : true,
"import_bookmarks": false,
"import_history": false,
"import_home_page": false,
"import_search_engine": false,
"suppress_first_run_bubble": true,
"do_not_create_desktop_shortcut": true,
"do_not_create_quick_launch_shortcut": true,
"do_not_launch_chrome": true,
"do_not_register_for_update_launch": true,
"make_chrome_default": false,
"make_chrome_default_for_user": false,
"suppress_first_run_default_browser_prompt": true,
"system_level": true,
"verbose_logging": false