Zabbix Agent for WAPT
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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from setuphelpers import *
import json
from cryptography.fernet import Fernet
uninstallkey = []
variables = {
'zabbix_servers': [ '' ]
# Read local variables file if available
if isfile(makepath(programfiles32,'wapt','private','symetric.txt')) and isfile(makepath(programfiles32,'wapt','private','variables.txt')):
print('Reading local encrypted variables file')
f = Fernet(open(makepath(programfiles32,'wapt','private','symetric.txt'),'r').read())
props = {
def install():
version = control['version'].split('-',1)[0]
print('Installing Zabbix Agent version ' + version)
if iswin64():
install_msi_if_needed('zabbix_agent-%s_x64.msi' % version,killbefore=['zabbix_agentd.exe'],properties=props,remove_old_version=True)
install_msi_if_needed('zabbix_agent-%s_x86.msi' % version,killbefore=['zabbix_agentd.exe'],properties=props,remove_old_version=True)
print('Opening port 10050 in the firewall')
# Remove the previous rule if it existed. We don't mind the return code as the rule might not exist
run_notfatal('netsh advfirewall firewall del rule name="Zabbix Agent"')
# And add a new one
run('netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="Zabbix Agent" dir=in action=allow protocol=TCP localport=10050 enable=yes remoteip=%s' % (','.join(variables['zabbix_servers'])))
def uninstall():
print('Removing firewall rule')
run_notfatal('netsh advfirewall firewall del rule name="Zabbix Agent"')