Additional scripts for Zabbix agent on Linux to discover and monitor several services
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Daniel Berteaud 74b3ba5928 Add Elasticsearch monitoring scripts 3 months ago
backuppc.conf Add general stats to BackupPC monitoring script 1 year ago
block_devices.conf Disable in default conf 2 years ago
drbd.conf Add simple scripts for monitoring DRBD resources 6 years ago
elasticsearch.conf Add Elasticsearch monitoring scripts 3 months ago
file_descr.conf Add a userparam to check opened file descriptors 5 years ago
filesystems.conf Rename conf and scripts dir 9 years ago
gluster.conf Add simple scripts to discover and check GlusterFS status 8 years ago
httpd.conf Use the uri passed in $1 for server-status 5 years ago
icmp.conf Add scripts to ping other hosts 3 years ago
lvm.conf Modernize lvm monitoring scripts 1 year ago
mpath.conf Add scripts to discover and check multipath devices 1 year ago
mysql.conf Allow empty --defaults opt for check_mysql_sudo 1 year ago
net_interface.conf Disable the manual net.if.discovery key as it conflicts with the builtin one 9 years ago
nginx.conf Add simple script for nginx (similar httpd) 3 years ago
nut_ups.conf drop stderrr for upsc commands 2 years ago
pmg.conf Rework PMG monitoring scripts 3 years ago
pve.conf Default to accept cached value up to 5 min old for check_pve_sudo 2 years ago
qmail.conf Add qmail configuration 7 years ago
raid_hp.conf Add simple scripts to monitor HP Smart Arrays (requires hpacucli) 8 years ago
raid_mdadm.conf Add missing UserParam for the mdadm discovery script 8 years ago
raid_megaraid.conf Support LLD discovery for MegaRAID controllers 8 years ago
sa_learn.conf Add script to monitor spamassassin's bayes database stats 4 years ago
samba.conf Add a simple script to check nmbd lookups 8 years ago
samba_dc.conf Add OU discovery to samba monitoring 1 year ago
sensors.conf Support different sensors types 7 years ago
smart.conf Fix a typo in smart.conf 9 years ago
squid.conf Remove uri from UsereParam args for squid 2 years ago
unifi.conf Add scripts to monitor Unifi sites 3 years ago
vdo.conf vdo scripts must use sudo 3 years ago
zfs.conf Enhance ZFS monitoring scripts to retrieve ARC stats 2 years ago
zimbra.conf Fix passing arg to zimbra.status 2 years ago