Video conf based on SimpleWebRTC
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Video conf based on SimpleWebRTC.js

  • Multi party audio+video
  • Text Chat
  • Optional Etherpad-Lite integration
  • Screen Sharing (Google Chrome and Mozilla Fireofx)
  • Reserved and persistent rooms
  • Email notifications and invitations
  • Password protected rooms
  • Chairman features (mute/pause/kick other)
  • Internationalization (english and french for now)
  • Works with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera
  • Works on Windows, Linux, Android (probably MAC OSX too)
  • Responsive interface, working on smartphones, pads and desktops
  • Fully opensource

You can try our demo instance here:

Check documentation here

WARNING: I unfortunately lost the original domain name. The cybersquatter who owns it now has put a fake VROOM instance on Please do not go here anymore, and use the new address instead.