23 Commits (master)

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  Daniel Berteaud e77e0f143b Fix removing old MSI when updating package 3 weeks ago
  Daniel Berteaud 1d7da50969 Update to 5.0.4 3 weeks ago
  Daniel Berteaud dc41f64e09 Update project description 1 month ago
  Daniel Berteaud 4b9837c47e Set timeout to 15 sec 1 month ago
  Daniel Berteaud 0b7465a997 Add support for megaraid monitoring (with perccli) 1 month ago
  Daniel Berteaud dbdc6ca9a6 Update to 5.0.3 1 month ago
  Daniel Berteaud 976712d6d5 Update to 5.0.2 3 months ago
  Daniel Berteaud e5691bf1fa Update to 4.4.5 8 months ago
  Daniel Berteaud 99cc567f96 Update to 4.4.4 10 months ago
  Daniel Berteaud cf9c2188bc Update to 4.4.3 11 months ago
  Daniel Berteaud 6bf4559bd5 Update to 4.4.1 11 months ago
  Daniel Berteaud b0ec57cffc Update gitignore to exclude more python files and WAPT build files 11 months ago
  Florent Heuze 2eadcc496a remove setup.pyc from the index 1 year ago
  Florent Heuze f6e48be914 Add gitignore 1 year ago
  Florent Heuze 59744a2858 Update to 4.2.1 1 year ago
  Daniel Berteaud b237290d6e Use YAML formatted variable file 1 year ago
  Daniel Berteaud 59e4fa1e05 Add support for update_package 1 year ago
  Daniel Berteaud 3093d2060f Rebuild with PROD maturity 1 year ago
  Daniel Berteaud 26955d993b Audit every 2 days 1 year ago
  Daniel Berteaud 318306df06 UPdate variables instead of replacing it 1 year ago
  Daniel Berteaud caaa97c4f9 Write setup for Zabbix agent 1 year ago
  Daniel Berteaud d56bbde138 Add 4.0.1 MSI and icon 1 year ago
  Daniel Berteaud 635a3259be Import package skeleton 1 year ago